Veterinary Technician AliciaAlicia is a veterinary technician at Somerset Veterinary Group, joining our team in May 2012. She has been working in a veterinary-related field for the past seven years. Alicia is very organized and is also a calm and comforting presence for our patients. She's great at greeting our clients, administering medications and vaccines, and making sure our pharmacy is well stocked. Alicia has a Bachelor's degree in physical education from the University of Delaware.

"Everyone is very nice and respectful and they are all great teachers," Alicia said. "The staff all gets along with each other and that makes working here fun and enjoyable."

Alicia has two chihuahuas, Oscar and Madison, and a cat named Martini. She spends her time out of the office with her two children, reading, singing, working out, scrapbooking, swimming and going to the beach in summer.